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Introduction To The North American
Sportsman Hunting Journal

Thanks for stopping by the North American Sportsman Hunting Journal, the website developed to promote hunting in North America. Navigation throughout the site is relatively simple. All of our navigation buttons are on the left-hand side of every page and will take you anywhere you want to go.

Within our site, you'll find the informative and highly-regarded "How-To Series Of North American Big-Game Hunting". There are currently twelve sections that cover everything from hunting individual big game species to hunting techniques to essential accessory information. There's something for every hunter within the Series, whether you're just starting out or an old hand at it.

Online access to State and Provincial Regulations regarding hunting is critical. These regulations are the "bibles" that govern hunting activity in specific jurisdictions and tell you how you can legally participate in and fully enjoy the sport. Like them or not, you need to know what they are and adhere to them.

The North American Sportsman Hunting Journal maintains links to each of the relevant state, provincial and territory government departments that provides access to these regulations. You can find these websites by clicking on the "Fish & Game Regulations" button in the left column on all of our pages. We'll do our best to ensure the link addresses are kept current.

The North American Sportsman Hunting Journal is a work in progress and we sincerely hope you enjoy your visit. Please contact us at any time as we value your feedback, suggestions, kudos or criticisms.

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